Why choose reel tales charter fishing?


Experienced Captain

Captain Scott has over 30 years experience fishing the waters of Sleeping Bear Bay, the Manitou Islands, Platte Bay, and Leland. Captain Scott is U.S. Coast Guard certified, knowledgeable and professional. Not to mention will work tirelessly to catch you fish!  Reel Tales Charters is well reviewed on Facebook and Google Reviews.  See what others have had to say.

Fish Cleaning Free of Charge

Captain Scott will personally clean your catch as part of your trip.  No need to pay extra to have your fish cleaned.  Reel Tales Charters is an all inclusive fishing adventure.


Reel Tales Charter Fishing is located right in the heart of Glen Arbor, MI.

  • At the end of the trip walk up the road to our conveniently located cleaning station at Glen Arbor Wines.  Enjoy wine tasting while your fish are cleaned.
  • No need to take a long drive to Leland for a charter trip and wait in line to have your fish cleaned.  
  • All your fishing needs are taken care of right on Lake Street in Glen Arbor!

Weekly Promotions

Reel Tales Charters runs weekly promotions.  Please call and ask.  Captain Scott will be happy to let you know the promotion for the week.